And I fear..


And we know that we shouldn’t

But we know

That we’ll do this all

Every single thing

Again tomorrow

The casual hands

The touch of skin on skin

The pulling close.. squirming away

The guilty feeling I’ll get

But the need for you will over power

Until we succeed

And it is too late to make the right choice

Because he is Mr. Right

And you are Mr. Right Now

And then suddenly

We are naked

And we are lost

And rapture has found us

And we will talk, later

For so long

As I lay in my bed

And I am naked

And dreaming of you

And you are naked

And thinking of me

And then you ask that question

The fear, it rises up in me..

You say..

“I really want to date you..”

And I tell you the same,

But that I am confused.

And the fear is that it won’t be for love

But for this quarter cycle

That I am flying into

And it will destroy

The love I have found now

In the person that saved me

The Jesus of Trenton

My bandana wearing sweetheart

My emo kid inside

And you will be the closet emo

The home wrecker

And I will go along

For fear that the names will rise up

And that the only one to receive me again

Will be you.

And we have recklessly abandoned

It all

And we’ll do it again

And the cars will chase us

And we will stop and wave

And your friends would love to date me (do me)

And Jesus would love to love me

But it is all just too late

For me to move on

And forget the summer of dreams

Of goals

Of them.

And I will run to a rescuer

The knight of Shining Armor

The best friend who is for once, only that

And I will be told what I know I should do

And the fear will keep me from doing it.

The fears I feel all the time.

And I’m afraid

That no one will ever make me smile

Like you do.

No one will coax me out of my shell

Like you have

That no one will ever love me

Like you always will

And that I will be the one

To hurt you


In a way most unfitting

And most unflattering

And we will cry

Feeling the fevers

And the flavors

And the lights will go out (Bang)

And we will do it again

Stroking nine times

Until I’ve lost myself

In your arms

To the tune of..

“odd parents.. fairly odd parents..”

“flips your lid when you are the kid..”

And I will smile

And tell you.. about our song

And you will laugh

And kiss my neck

And tell me it’ll all be okay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Steve, and Steven, and Brian


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