Untitled -- 9.13.2006

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You are not the same.

Your smile used to mean so much more

But now you disguise it with tears

Well, know

Every tear that falls

Wont make up for those nights

Spent in my room

Up late at night

Wondering what you were doing with her

Wondering when my time would come.

And to put it best

Nobody here

Can live forever

And we are stuck in the past

Deeply mired in wanton affections

And you are deeply set in your infatuation

And I am deeply grounded in a love

So consuming

That it burns

And its not supposed to hurt

Its not supposed to

But it does anyways,

Because whether its supposed to or not,

It will defy.

And I will obey, and follow

Until I finally give up

Falling backwards in time

Back to my younger years

And finally


And forget

All about


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Scuba Steve. I wish I could comprehend you, and what we mean to each other. I will always love you, but I think it's time I moved on.. Who knows, someday we prolly will be together again. I hope so. I love you still.. even though you're a blow-job-getting asshole...


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