Inability For...

My Dirty Laundry..

The anger races through my veins

As I turn my back on you

Or raise my hand

To block out your face

You’ll never be forgiven, not after

What you’ve done, but

I don’t think you seek my forgiveness

I was just another body to plunge into,

Hollow out, and move on

Leaving me left behind, forgotten

Charged like a homeless hornet

Searching for you to exact revenge but

Not knowing how

Pining the loss of my best friend

To lust, a sinful demon

Wishing it would all go away

Go back to when we hung out

And you never touched me like that

A constant stream of tears

Down my face

I know I can’t forgive but,

I don’t think I can forget either

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Dave. Again. From RPS.. again.

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