a mass


A mass chaos of confusion


Interest and chaos

Bodies moving, sneakers on stairs

Subtle undercurrent of

your voice, his face

never can forget again

The words never stop

a quiet river of chatter

Swelling, gradually, then


The door shut in my face,

Late again.

Your face, his smile,

A mask of subtle interest.

Subtle words mean nothing

Everything left in the open.

Confiscated,torn apart

Who the hell am I?

Issues thrown upon the table

told to pick up this mess

Look what you've done.

Look what you did.

I don't love you.

Telling you to go away,

your voice resounding in my head

your words, overpowering

your love, near intoxification

until I slip away.

until I slip away

Drowning, intoxification

Lost inside your words

I don't know who you really are

i only know your


Screaming at the top of my lungs

The music blasted loud

hoping you can hear me

hoping I'm noticed

Hoping you feel it too

and you're not just..another..bullshit lie



A mass confusion and


Brought back to the start

haunting, revisiting

every day

e v e r y   d a y

Author's Notes/Comments: 

IDK where this came from

Two days from my birthday.


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