falling in love again

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light  flashes across my vision

the sweet surrender i've found

merely hearing your voice.

it makes me whole, it makes me

breathe again

sing me that song again

the one where the stars shine only

for me.

tell me that story

the one where you fell in love with my


write me a book

on why my body cringes when

i imagine life without you

tell me you love me. again. again


dancing wild and free falloing

swimming laughing kissing

the comfort of the pillow

as i get lost in you.

i make you see what you are to me

my world my love my everything

dance with me until the night is long

gone in the risen sun

kiss me until i weep with ecstasy

let m ewish for the rapture of tomorrow



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i can't imagine life without the sensuality of the soul of your body that i found being with you...

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