I'd rather die than love you again


you come in to my life and say

Talk to you in five

I wait two hours

And a million five's go by

And you're never there

you're never there

I'm not going to sit back and take your shit anymore

Go home and take your problems off of my front door step

You need to learn I'm not your little doll

And I don't let anyone use me for a piece of ass

I don't let just anyone use me

In fact you're idiocy slipped past my guard

Guess I was fooled by your pretty boy face

And you're nice guy act

You're six pac and you're perfect smile

And I didn't realize we wouldn't last an hour

But I swear I'll get revenge on you for breaking my heart

I planned on breaking yours first

But this time we won't kiss and make up

You'll be begging for me back but you can go

and jump  off a cliff

and I'd rather die than love you again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Mario July 22 05

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