what happened to me yesterday

This isn't how i imagined my next kiss would be.

I thought it'd be romantic but you're hurting me

I mean sure I'd expect pain with your braces but

you're kisses don't find my empty places and

It's over so quickly where's that love you talked about

And then you say you don't want me?

And then you're telling me you won't go out with me

or maybe

if i do some more things with you that's great

Maybe i gave off the wrong vibes

because your hand is down the front of my swimming suit

and your other ones squeezing me too hard

and your mouth is hurting me

where did the love go that i felt before

sure you're hott and i'm not anymore but

i didn't want it all to go this way

i wish i could've realized it before today

let me go please you're hurting me ray

and when I started to run home i realized i screwed it up

i asked you to kiss me you said you wanted more so

i said i'd meet you again tomorrow and

then that happened i had to get away

can i go home after today?

i hope that it won't happen again.

i hope that next time i'll learn and then..

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July 12 05

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Trauma is hard to forget but time heals as time wheels...