And when you're all gone and there's no one

there's one person i can talk to and it's not




the person i hate you get away

i can't tell anyone these feelings

to just let go

stop fighting for nothing

this is not my battle to win

I'm going back again

and again

And all I can hear is those silent screams

and the voice i imagine you singing to me

my song

our song

Holding my  hand

wishing.. you were here.

Let me control our life

bring us closer

how did we go away

i'm pretending

and its not working

to be happy

and the thing closest to me

is my mattress

my sheets

my pillows

as i throw them, i hold them close

and i scream

and cry

and rage

that you're never here for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dammit i love you but not our distance..

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