remember us?


in the beginning, there was light.

there were smiles and laughter

constant kisses.

we couldn't bear the thought of times spent apart.

there were messages back and forth

and eagerly waited replies.

this was the start of us.

when the summer came, there was fear.

i didn't know if i'd see you every day.

but you trekked down here, night after night,

mile after mile.

we spent our time together, we were happy,

eating our junk food and our fast food and

enjoying each other's company.

this was the best of us.

then came the vacations, and the house.

we didn't know how young we were until

we spent every waking minute together.

until finally, we couldn't take it anymore.

this was the ruin of us.

now i have been kicked out

and my name has been slandered by

someone you call a friend.

trying to get back to good,

and it's not working.

i still remember those warm summer days,

and the messages i've saved.

do you remember us?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this hastily for ali, but i know who it's about.

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