I'll Always Love You


No matter where you are

No matter what you do

You'll always be here in my heart

And I'll forever love you

I was once so alone

Til' we first talked on the phone

I met him online

(And damn is he fine!)

And I know he'll always be mine

You say we maybe in love (for now)

But I know we'll be together somehow

We might live so far away

Yet he's still here beside me everyday

But I'm missing him so

And my spirits are low

It's like without him, I'll wither and die

But I know he'll still try

To be with me, right beside me

He'll be with me, be here to guide me

He'll take my hand

And he'll understand

Our special love can't ever go away

I'll never stop loving him, not for a single day

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I LOVE MARIO..to Mario!

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chris's picture

Great poem.
Really, I loved it.
I loved the words and the emotions.
I can relate, as I met somebody online too.
Keep going, thanks for sharing