Rhyme of Questions

One more day with you

That's all I need

That's all I want

I have no greed

To hear your voice

To see your face

Pick the right choice

Before you leave this place

I want you back

You know I do

Cut me some slack

Cos I love you

I miss you now

So why'd you go?

I don't know how

So should I know?

I don't understand

So you have the upper hand

In this battle of my heart

You ripped me apart again

How can I be your friend?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9-16-03..MY BIRTHDAY!! I wrote this one after talking to Gabe and not understanding why he wouldn't let me call him..

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jgupta's picture

Though belated here are my Good Wishes to you for your Birthday that was on 16th Sept. We are born with questions and naturally the rhymes pass good to queer dispositions of friends who hurt. Well written questions!