The girl in the corner

In the corner of a tavern sits a girl all alone

She doesn't look old enough to go out on her own

Quiet, timid, and looking around

When I look back at her she stares at the ground

This girl has her story to tell

About what's made her life a living hell

And why in the tavern she sits all alone

But this girl's off in her own little zone

At a table, drinking whiskey and beer

An older man sits all alone here

His smile seems to mask what he feels

As he sits there alone eating his meals

This man has a story to tell

Of all the things that make his life hell

Why he smiles to mask what's inside

But you know that he won't because of his pride

Serving each customer who comes and gos

Here is the waitress that everyone knows

She smiles as she serves drunks their beer

Although how she feels is so very clear

This girl too has a story to tell

About the guy who made her life a living hell

Why she let her dreams go wasted

To instead serve food that everyone's tasted

This girl, like the others, you know she won't say

So you might as well just leave her and pay

The girl in the corner gets up to go

She pays the tip and keeps her eyes low

The lonely man keeps sipping his beer

Til finally he decides to just leave it here

The waitress still has to work her shift

Cleaning the tables she seems very swift

And once everybody has finally gone

The sky outside says it's about dawn

Everyone has a story to tell

And maybe you'll hear them if you listen well

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onelilartist's picture

Very observant and well put. Nobody wants anyone else to feel pity for them, so we all hide behind the smiles/masks and suffer in silence. I love the way you go from person to person to make your point. Very good. When you have time, read my "Behind the Mask" for a brief "amen" to what you'd said so eloquently here. Glad I found your work.

jgupta's picture

Miaka, this one is excellent. You have really hit the nail on the head. So often we observe people with their smiling face but everyone has their share of sorrows and stories of their experiences.