Blood Of Betrayal

The blood of a betrayal

Lies haunting in her eyes

Her broken soul's portrayal

Is malformed due to lies

Inside this girl cannot be whole

As her being starts to fade

She loves the one who broke her soul

Although she was betrayed

A broken heart still beats on

But broken souls have died

For temporary things like love are expected to be gone

But a broken soul like hers is something you can't hide

Oh broken girl, who took your soul and broke it like a glass?

Your broken heart lies in your head

And love is sure to pass

What horrors inflicted upon you have still gone unsaid?

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Shawndine Lynn's picture

Very good writing for someone of your age. Very deep, enjoyable for dark minds such as ours. Broken souls, such as the one you write about and mine, are fed with the pain in words writing. You are a very good listener; for poetry isn't invented, it is heard.

Jessica Conley's picture

Wow, that's just dripping with pain.

jgupta's picture

"Your broken heart lies in your head" Very strongly said. Good piece of advice through good write.