What happened at sunset

What happened at sunset

That broke my heart

I now sorely regret

What happened at sunset broke us apart

And now I'm alone again

Alone again

Left in the rain

Waiting for you to come

And though you're nowhere near me now

Neither is the monster that you've become

We sat together on the beach

Caressed by the sun's last rays

And then you made your final speech

About the last few days

I was never anywhere but your side

Was that another mistake?

We're both so hurt, trying to keep our pride

Was this whole love a fake?

I lived you, breathed you, I loved you so

And that is why I cry

What happened to us, I don't know

Have we said our last goodbye?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Curiosity is a ruling power in my domain, along with chaos, disorder, confusion..and break ups..and..

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