Fatality resides with me

Uncertainty is chiding me

Morality is changing me

And yet you still want me

Reality haunts my soul

Brutality is on parole

Abnormality will take its toll

Originality is what you stole

Sensuality, is that your goal?

Your mentality is of a plastic bowl

It's no wonder you need me

Duality is in my head

Sexuality lies in my bed

Normality has long since fled

Mortality is seemingly dead

Eventuality is bringing dread

Formality has been shred

But why should it matter?

Fatality is binding me

Going beneath my skin

Flowing in my very veins

A danger from within

Right beneath my skin

You call to me and I don't hear

What you say to me

Tell me why you now appear

so extremely insincere

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one rhymes too! WHEE!

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