After tonight

After tonight

We'll both be alone

No more calls after dark on the phone

After tonight

You'll call me anyways

Wanting me back

This is still just a phase

And after tonight

I'm still going to shed many tears

Alone in my bed

Alone with my fears

Yet you told me this is all in my head

After tonight

Comes the break of day

The calling of birds

We'll each go a separate way

And call each other bad words

But after tonight

Will my life be better?

Can I still survive?

As I read each love letter

Each affected our lives

And after tonight

Will you still want me badly?

Will you still call me at night, asking to see me?

Will we still be in love so madly?

And now I see,

This decision affects not only me

But what once was "we"

And all we could be

And I want you to be free

Of all your misery

And yet you can't just flee

Away from you and me

This is my final plea..

Don't abandon me

After tonight

Nothing is right

We sit and we fight

We search for the light

And maybe we might

Find out in the night

Why we still fight

Why it gives me a fright

Do you do this in spite?

Can we make it right

After tonight?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like this one..It rhymes..ALOT. lol

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