Poem for Inspiration and Happiness

A hero lies within us all

Unconscious of ourselves

The hero there is not big or small

Like old books upon bookshelves

Search inside you and you'll see

What you are looking for

The hero inside is what you can be

If you just accepted more

Accept those who do not love you

And love them in return

This is what we all should do

A valuable lesson we should learn

Without the lessons, you can't move on

Into another class

And when your classmates have all gone

You'll want to also pass

There is no fate but the fate we make

For you, for me, for all

Take all the chances you can take

For the time left for us is small

Be all that you can be

Give yourself to the world

Let your true self run wild and free

Let your banner be unfurled

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is..Interesting.. I never write happy poems, really..

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