"Prophecy of the Broken Heart"


Broken Hearted

-That's how it all started-

A child alone

-Crying at home-

For what she can't be

-Part of his "Prophecy"-

She lost all of her pride

-The night that she cried-

-For him, in the dark-

Alone, she embarks

On a quest of her own,

-Along the path strewn-

Are roses with thorns,

-A child Reborn-

Inside her head

Her broken heart bled

-For him-, he won't know

-Because she can't show-

-Just how she feels-

Her lips are sealed

The story gets old

-As her story unfolds-

Her destiny found

-But her legs are bound-

With ropes and with chains

-With sorrows and pains-

She can't move her lips,

As her body sways and dips

Against her will,

She tries to sit still

And this can't possibly be

-Her Prophecy-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really liked this one too... I kinda made it for Christov, cos he said I wasn't in his "Prophecy"..Feh. He's a dork.

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