"Beneath her mask"


Beneath her mask

Lies a lonely child

A child in pain, is she worthwhile?

Would you waste precious time to take away her pain?

Would you leave her alone, let her cry in disdain?

Beneath her mask

Lies a hesitant soul

A soul unsure, without a role

No part to play on a rainy day

No part for her soul in the Broadway plays

Would you waste precious time to save her soul?

Would you blow it off, would you stone her with coal?

Beneath her mask

Lies a normal girl

A normal girl in a messed up world

A world full of chaos, panic, disorder

A world for her that gets colder and colder

Would you warm her up, would you melt the ice?

Or would you walk away, would you refuse to be nice?

What would you do for this lonely girl?

This lonely girl in a messed up world

This lonely girl with a hesitant soul

This hesitant soul without a role

What would you do to remove her mask?

Or is this, for you, such a hard task?

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lavalady's picture

wow! this IS GREAT! you are very talented I can see by only reading one of your poems, this flows really well and is just GREAT! You rhym very well too, GREAT JOB

Teri Schneider's picture

This is a really well written poem. It shows feeling and thought.

Ali Collins's picture

well done, its obvious that alot of thought was put into this poem, well done.

Lauren B's picture

This is such a beautiful poem! I can tell you put a great deal of thought into it! I can relate to this sooo much! It really speaks to those who read it, telling them to not look past that lonely girl but to be kind and help her to "remove her mask." Having been in the postion of the girl in this piece, I know what it is like to have someone kind help you out in finding your place in the world. Thank you so much for putting this feeling into words!


Mad Disease's picture

hey hey hey, behind the mask and beneath her mask! lol. Love it, great beauty put to it. :) keep it up

jgupta's picture

This is a well written poetry. Clarity of thought very well presented with questions to the wonderful people of this wonderful earth. Good job Miaka. Keep it up.