Invisible To You

And so you ask me what's wrong,

I thought you'd have gotten it all by now,

But you're too wrapped up in your social lives

You can't see me-I'm invisible.

To you, I'm not even here

To all my friends, I'm a visible ghost

A ghost of the past that you took away,

And now all I want to say..


Stop being such a fake,

You DON'T care, and you never will be-

What I want? My friends, that's what.

Not some fake posing wanna-be's.

You think you know what I go through.

You think your life is so bad.

But girl, you don't know anything.

I've been living in a delusional world my whole life,

And I've gone through things you've only seen on TV

And so now, do you still think you know me that well?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one doesn't rhyme. I changed it from the original so it's a bit different...

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