Loving you, dear Vladimir

I miss you.

And no matter what you say, you don't miss me too.

I am the troph sitting by your bed.

I am the book that you've never read-

The one that's criticcaly acclaimed

And I'm another heart you've maimed

Trapped behind these walls,

I've come to see tha love is my downfall

And no matter what I do-

I can never get my mind off of you

And I know that you couldn't care less,

You won't let me settle for second best

Without your help, without your love

Without your guidance from above

I'm lost and alone and you're to blame

To busy worrying about your social fame

You told me you'd be so happy to be with me once more

But here I stand outside your door

You're not inside or if you are-

I've traveled here, so so far

To find another girl beneath your sheets

And in your arms is where she sleeps

I've got to go before I cry

But my legs are frozen, still I try

To escape your outstretched arms

And I know I can't, I'll sound the alarms!

But I can't escape you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kinda added some on to one I had begun right after my ex stood me up (He's been my ex for a while but we're still in love tho he lives in TN, he'd come to visit some friends for Easter and he didn't call me or anything..) And I had nicknamed him Vladimir, so this poem's for him (the lying, cheating sonofa..)

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