Love, Hate, & Suicide

Love, Hate, and Suicide-

What I feel deep inside

Behind myself, behind my pride

Behind all the pain I chose to hide

Love, Hate and Suicide

I loved you so much that I died inside

Where were you all those times that I cried?

Far away on the other side

The other side of all the times I-

Hated you, relentlessly

Wished you'd never looked at me

Hated the times I buyed your lies

Hated the feelings I felt inside

Wishing you'd come back for me

Instead of hiding fearfully

You know I'd get it, I'd understand

All I wanted was to take your hand

And walk away from the life I led

And all the anger inside I fed

With rantings, screaming, crying at night

Wanting to die-I couldn't find the light

The suicide I wantdd so bad

I thought it'd make up for things I never had

Without you by my side I was just so lost

Fighting and running, no matter the cost

But when I finally thought you'd come back for me

Hold me in your arms romantically

But Prince Charming doesn't want me

And neither do you, his wanna-be

So now I'm left here standing,

thinking of all the things I could do

I could..  ..:: L o v e  Y o u::..

I could..  ..:: H a t e  Y o u::..

I could..  ..:: F o r ge t   Y o u ::..

I could Die, I could commit suicide

I could take the easiest way out,

die without shout

But I'm not a coward like you

I'm not gonna do what you do

And darling you'll see

You won't stop me

Because after all that, I'm still here aren't I?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was kind of one I led on from but I'm not a HUGE fan of it.. I had started it and liked it but ehh... It all started looking at the planbook of a poser who had "Love, Hate and Suicide" written randomly on it. So, what do *YOU* think?

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Richard Moore's picture

Personally, I like. I can also relate. Don't know about the title, but your wording is just so perfect.

Rachel DiLonardo's picture

i really like this poem. i can relate to it, and im sure many others can too. ive read a couple of your poems, and i love them! well, im off to read more now!
~Rachel DiLonardo~

Michelle Gurl's picture

Hi! I think this is a great poem! I really liked it! Good job!!

Becca Taylor's picture

Good poem. I really like it.