Have you realized yet what you left behind?

All of us sitting here starting to cry

Have you realized yet how I feel inside?

Can you see all the birds that fly in the sky?

Why did you leave us alone on that day?

Why, like the birds, did you fly away?

Were you scared, were you lost, confused, or afraid?

Why were our reactions all so delayed?

Were you angry at all of us for something we did?

Were you trying to find something that we hid?

Something inside we'd never show you?

Were you trying to escape what you thought we would do?

Were you tired of all the things that we did?

Tired of all the emotions I hid?

Why did you leave me alone that one day?

Did you have some regrets? Did I chase you away?

Were you tired of everything that I did for you?

Tired of all the pain that you put me through?

Were you scared of emotions that came like a wave?

Why did you leave us all, dear Gabe?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Why DID you leave us all, Gabe? Why, why, why???

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