"The World From My Eyes"

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I open my eyes and all I can see

Is a world full of death, and misery

Tragic cases flash before my eyes

Like all the imports a poor country buys

I open my eyes and all I can see,

Is this world that I live in, oh how can it be?

A world without love, a world with much hate

A world that others try to obliterate

I open my eyes and all I can see,

Is the unwilling enslavement, where nobody's free

Trapped because of our diverse isolations

Trapped because of the worlds complications.

When you look through my eyes, does the world seem so clear?

Like a world with courage, a world with no fear?

What do you see when you look through your eyes?

I see things that you don't see

I see things that shouldn't be

..This is the way I see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't hate on me- this IS what I see...

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Eriney Fcuk's picture

words are small, and commonly used, try to add some wider vocabulary ryming, i did like it tho

Candi Felker's picture

I really like this poem.i'm sure a lot of ppl see what u see b/c it is tha truth. keep writing.