Our future?

I can imagine you telling me those words,

Whispered in my ear

I can imagine you drawing me so close,

So say the words I want to hear.

Say the words that bring peace with night,

Bring chaos through the day,

The words that will attach onto my mind,

The words that lead the way.

You deserve so much more than me,

A princess, and no less

But memories of you and me..

Are what I must possess.

Please tell me what I'm thinking now will soon become a word,

Or The action that I'm longing for,

Please tell me that I wasn't lured,

into your waiting trap by the lies that dwelled within,

The innocence of your loving jokes

Or your seductive grin

And maybe with time I can coax

You into loving me

Or maybe with time you already will

And together we may be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I added on to another one for this one, its dedicated from someone I love (who knows it) and doesn't see me as more than a friend, I THINK.

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This poem is incredible!