recipe for trouble.


it's a vicious cycle of coexistent malfunction.

the dysfunctionality in all of our lives has lead to this critical moment.

the moment i realize things will never change.

you take one girl.

a girl without a father that cares

who used her for his own selfish ends.

a girl who smiles and does what she pleases.

a girl who never ceases to make people happy,

a girl who people love to please.

you take a boy.

a boy from a family torn apart by rage.

a beautiful boy who no one should say no to,

but do anyways.

a boy who has been used by girls

who told him they loved him.

a boy who loves to make people feel better,

but a boy that had to deal all on his own.

you take one more girl.

the final straw.

a girl from a broken home,

a girl that no one ever noticed,

until one time someone did, and was used,

and ended up hurt in more ways than one.

a girl who struggles to make it through the day,

and relies on people more than they know,

and definitely more than she should

throw in some emotions,

and a dash of teenage hormones,

and you've got yourself a beautiful disaster.

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