"You....or Me"

And so the story finally is about to close

Were it not becoming to stay and gaze at the weeping willows?

Could you not find it in yourself to endear, just a few more drops,

into your ocean of pain?

Your galley doors of sworn intimacy

Shall finally leave you sunken and rust

My how you persevered, through the rain, the change

The illusions have left you bitter

While the symphony of your music’s soul

Have squelched your reckless abandon

Caught up in the others illusions,

Your memory soon to be trifle, and forgotten

And all of the nights sweats you left upon your sheets

Seems your dreams will beckon to you no more

Neither from a close or a far

And while your passions that danced

Shall cease to remain

I cannot help but wonder

Were it you, the one inside your heart, your head

Were it only you…who understood?

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Another thought-provoking

Another thought-provoking poem.

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Thank you Sanctus

Thank you Sanctus