Little Man Twenty One

Today he turned twenty one, my beautiful son

Some Seventy Six Hundred and Sixty Five Days ago

God came to bestow upon me my legacy to be

I watched him grow and wouldn’t you know

This day had come so sudden, left me wondering

how could my “Little Man” be a man?

His smile says so much, he’s loved by all that it will touch

And mostly by me, as I see in him my son

Some glimmer of me, t’was I once was

I pray for his wisdom from God

His guidance, his love, come from above

That he shares his blessed days of sunshine

That his heart stays soft ,

His faith stays strong

And that one day, much to his dismay

By the Grace of God

He’ll look upon his own twenty one

As I have done…and look up to the heavens

And pray, “Thank You Jesus” as I’ve done this day

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Outstanding writing here..

Outstanding writing here..