Back Where I Belong

I saw you in an old picture

You, ever the same, but now

with your new last name

A smile came upon me

sad smile just the same

I pondered to myself

Why had I kept this

all these years?

The tears had washed away your vividness

Yet there were still nights I swore that I could still smell you

Your scented perfumed danced upon my pillow

when I awoke so vivid twas it

that for a few seconds almost deja-vu

I found myself looking for you

Ah yes, then I remembered

twer only a fitful dream

for I was still here

and you still afar

yet I cherished this moment

as if were real

Your picture now will disapear

hidden back into the throws of the aged box

that stores it from so long ago

And I shall walk away once again

from you,

from your memory

from your smell

from your taste where I belong  


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heatherburns35's picture

Very beautifully written...
I enjoyed your poem very
much...good job..