Realising my mistake

I know you loved me

Loved me once upon a time

Loved me when I was not ready to give you my heart

Loved me when I had eyes for another

Loved the person I really was not the person I pretended to be

Loved me more than anything in this world

Loved my mind and intellect

Rather than my appearance

Loved me to the point where you sacrificed everything for me

You loved me so much back then

You cared for me

Held me in your arms

Wiped away my tears 

And vanquished all my fears

Yet now when I look at you

I no longer see the sparkle in your eyes

Or the spring in your step

Or the love in heart

And now that I've fallen in love with you

It breaks my heart to see that you do not love me anymore

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maybe it will return,even

maybe it will return,even better

ron parrish