Why Does Life Have To Start So Soon?

Why did high school have to end?

Why did they all have to move away?

Why does feel like I've lost all of my friends

Why does it feel as if I’ve gone astray?

When you finish everyone says hey go to college

It’s the best years ever! You’ll get so much knowledge

But here I am now alone and confused

Tell me why life has to start so soon?

Why can't we go back to easier days?

When I said mommy please and I got my way

I need a gym teacher to yell at me

I want to fail grade school geometry

Graduation please don’t come I’m afraid of the world

I'm a lost, sad, and lonely little girl

I'm being very serious so why do you look so amused

I don’t want life to start so soon

I've joined every club and been a part of every team

So why don’t I feel complete?

I say I hate this place and I want to leave

But the TRUTH is it's become a part of me

I shout I’m glad I’ll never see their faces again

So why am I feeling like I’ve lost some friends?

I say they are horrid people whom I can’t wait to prove wrong

So why am I singing this sad little song

I hate the fact that I feel so blue

Please life don't start so soon

Why am I sitting here dwelling on the past?

I'm acting as if the good times can’t last

And I’m certain the future will be much better

I’m a witty chick I’m talented and clever

I will succeed despite the facts

I will make it and that is that!

But I can't lie in the back of my mind

I still think of past times

But I’ve done it before adjusted to new scenery

And my friends now have helped to form the new me

But change is inevitable something we all have to do

So guess life I’m ready I hope you are too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today Is Friday September 25th 2009 and I am currently at Treasure Island Job Corps I have attended Job Corps For Going on two years now and it has somewhat become a part of me! I will be leaving Job Corps Fairly soon and it is sort of hard for me to let go, but I know i have to so I will do my best! That is about it!

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