The Flame Of Love

Nobody told me

Every moment without you would seem so long

I get so lonely

And the nights have been so cold since you've been gone

Did i go and make believe the way you touched me

Was it real or just a game my mind was playing, tell me

Was it the flame of love

Or was it just my imagination

Was it the flame of love

Or an act of desperation

It's amazing

How a love could feel so good then fade away

And replacing you with someone else is a game my heart won't play

Cause i know i'll never feel the heat that's in your soul

But i can't remember how i lost complete control

Tell me

How could i know you'd ever go

Taking my dreams away with you

You lead me along

You did me wrong

I can't go on now, baby

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~ Performed by Richard Marx

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