Watching The Clock

I must confess that ‘a part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me together forever and never apart (maybe in distance) but never in heart.’ I never expected to feel this way – it’s hard to even explain it. They call it love but it feels bigger then that. Whatever it is, I love the feelings I have for you and hope that they never end. Being apart from you makes me lonely – its ironic how time spent together flies past as though in a hurry to get somewhere and time spent apart drags on as though the next day will never come. I watch the clock and the calendar for the time when we will be together again – gladly it will come soon, but never soon enough. Even one day spent away from you is one day too many.

Do you find yourself consumed with thoughts of me? Truly I am consumed with you. I often imagine that moment when I will see you again – just like in a movie we will embrace and the rest of the world will disappear. Oh how wonderful it will be! Until that time comes, please remember that you are held closely to my heart. Never will I let you go; never will I stop loving you; never will I be complete without you. You are everything to me – my world and even more. I love you.

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