Battery Half Dead

The battery is half dead

It is almost time

It will drive to the brink of insanity

Even more in this paranoid night


No sleep

No sound

Nothing to keep back the thoughts

Nothing there to stop a hand

From slipping to the knife under the pillow


The music to mask the sound of death

The music is almost gone

The battery is three quarters dead


No smile from a beautiful lass

Nor the whip of her hair

Not a text from someone to brighten up the night

Just the darkness in the room


The music is quick to die

In the silence about to begin

Out will come the cry

Tortured inside their mind

The battery

Is dead


The noises come

The darkness becomes even more hollow

The heart slowly dies

As thoughts ravage their mind

Insanity laid upon them


As the day breaks

The tears fade away

And a mask is retrieved

Of a happy normal person

But hands are never steady


A distraction is there

And the battery is full

One night has past


The distaction begins to cease

The thoughts begin to surface

Music comes to provide

A distraction from the mind


Then the distraction comes back

The music fades away

All that is noticed

The battery is one quarter dead


The front door opens

The bed seems all welcoming

All work is finally done

Music once again provided an escape


Then the lights go out

The battery

Is half dead

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Okay so I'm sure you're tired of being told I know what you mean. So instead  I'm gonna say I can relate to some of the stuff you're Goin through! Read some of my stuff!

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I know, sorry

I know, sorry

Bryson Masters