this disease

This disease that i reveal when i open my mouth

tastes so foul as its pouring out

i know my condition is out of commision

but it fuels my fire without a doubt

its the skin

its the hair

its his ever warming smile

 it all drives me wild

the chase is just my style

i love his voice and his morals and the questions that burn in his mind

we spend 15 minutes together and i am laughing the whole time

i have felt this way

about some ones before

but a "head on approach" i will use no more

keep it sly

keep it coy

because i

dont want to lose this boy

this process  is so confusing

but winning is worth all the losing

will you say my favorite words again?

the ones that make my nerves end

that make my head spin and my hands wander

keep me waiting no longer!

open your arms and hold me tight

i know who i long to be with tonight

the question is

would you lay with me?

stay with me?

wake late in the day with me?

can i see your sleepy smile when the dreams fade away

tuck behind your ears,

 hairs that had fallen astray

share a kiss

and in a whisper say

i love you ?

i hope im not too forward when i say

this is the scene i want to see'

some day

while battling my disease :)














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I like how the more you get

I like how the more you get into the poem the beter it gets. In the first line you have the reader wanting to know more and to keep reading!

day dreamer

demigodess's picture

thanx :) that makes me feel

thanx :) that makes me feel better about this one, for sum reason it made me nervous like it might not have been composed well :) but your comment was very reassuring

~Grass is green~ <^>