I just don't know anymore


There’s so much noise, at the wave of my hand

It doesn’t matter what I say, I gotta get away

Banished to the sand, left without a voice

See in 40 days, I’m barred for being swayed


To my father’s house,

Past the locked door,

Where I don’t know anymore

No, I just don’t know anymore


So many people run, to huddle in bloody robes

Knowing not anything, but, to hear the angle sing

I’ve walked so many muddy roads, I don’t care who’s won

I’ve got nothing left to bring, I’m waiting on the wings


To Soar over the clouds,

My ears above the restless roar,

That I don’t know anymore,

No, I just don’t anymore


Where is the ceiling, of so many floors,

Its not in a thousand bending boards,

Why has the feeling, of our souls begun to pour

Its not revealing in the angles reward

That I just don’t know anymore

Now while I am kneeling, before closed doors,

Outside the bounds unwound, by ten thousand clanging swords,

To hear those reeling, ready to explore

What’s worth believing, isn’t something you can afford


How much I don’t know anymore

No, No, I can’t just know anymore


What has become of me, or is it you

The end of truth, at the bottom of a noose

Hung up on what to do, not to see

Ruthlessly the toll at the booth


where I don’t know what’s due anymore

For us so many that its for

 Why we don’t know anymore

I just don’t know anymore


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Bob Dylan's Tempest

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