For Her

For Women

I see you're hurting inside

I can see it in your eyes

So please do not hide

cuz I know too much about

too much about this crazy life

I know you feel you're not worth the riches of Christ

But let me tell you this tonight

That he is waiting to hold you

He is never losing sight

And he has his heart set on where you are

He has his heart set on seeing you saved

So you can spend eternity with him

He just wants to share his grace

and show you that there are second chances

And just cuz you messed up

Does not mean he will ever

No he will never ever give up

He will never give up on you

I want to do something special

I want to lead you

I'd love to take this chance

To tell you of the good news

And that Jesus will never call you a loser

You feel like you deserve a low life job

You feel that you're only worth the company

of a degrading, sexist man

But let me tell you

God only wants the best

He wants you in his arms

He wants to tell you

Oh man how he wants to pick you up

And place you back on solid ground

So please just look to him, anytime you're feeling down

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well I dunno I will be writing more on this subject. I mean I was driving around in my car coming home from an evening service. I was also feeling somewhat nudged to go downtown. So I did,and I noticed prostitutes and such and I just felt like God was saying I love those people. I love them so much, can you please tell them? Write something, tell them. Tell women what they are worth, let them know that even though they do this trade they are hurting, and I know there are women who only feel like they are worth the company of a degrading man.  I don;t know how to put it into words how I feel, but yeah I just looked at these women and I just felt God saying I love them. It's true he is inlove with us even if we turn on him, he is always waiting for us.  I also wanted to get a message across to women what they are worth, even when at times I am not perfect at looking at them. I struggle with lust, but I do know the preciousness of a woman, and I do realize how God views them.  but I have to admitt it is tough at times. But what I am more attracted to then anything is a woman with smarts, is genuine and is truly a warm person. Not someone who loves someone just cuz they have a six pack etc...Modesty I suppose would be an attraction for myself! Anyways enuff of this! God Bless!

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justme4him's picture

Andy htis is so perfectly put into verse
i feel your compasion, for the lost souls n i admire you
you do a great service to the Lord