Finding Words that Float

Just a thought!

I'm not sure if there are any good writers or good words.

We pick from a limited vocabulary, those words which

work the best for our purpose, making some point

we're tring to project, though there are a few good rafters.

Those, who string a line of words together and float them

down a river. They ride the current, avoiding all obstacles,

jumping off just in the nick of time, to avoid the falls.

They make a little splash, swim over to the shore and

exit at a shallow point, leaving little puddles behind for the

reader to follow. The trail takes them to the bottom

of the falls where remnants of raft debris is scattered,

some floatin down the river, some dashed on the rocks.

Turns out, the end is just a bunch of words that wouldn't float,

lost in yet, another rocky story.

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Finding Words that Float"

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bishu's picture

Nice read Mr Deep !!

Words etched in rock

At the sea bottom

It takes a determined reader

To find the rock & retrieve it

This is a challenge to his wit LOL :: Best wishes from a solar-powered pacemaker



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like it a lot!

like it a lot!

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