Darkened Plains of Shifting Sand (Aral Sea)

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Darkened Plains of Shifting Sand


Boats resting on turf of dried up surf,
tattered sails no longer in reach.
Lifeless motion unreal, with broken keel,
their hulls all rotted and breached.
The stories they tell from their empty shell
waterlines fading in blistery sun.
Rails rusted aloft with a bridge falling off,
Her ribs splayed open like a carcass done.
A graveyard makes plea to an empty Sea,
offering up all it's shattered remains.
"Take my keel take my bow, as time will allow,
     Let the sand reminisce my darkened stains."
by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Darkened Plains of Shifting Sand"... The Aral Sea in Russia..4th largest freshwater lake in the world completely dry now due to rivers being diverted. 


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KindredSpirit's picture

Very informative write

With the notes.

I keep up on things

( because it is my world too)

But I did not know this.


Bear has got " the mix " going on.

( Painting Poems With His Brush  ).

Everything together makes this

Very Good.