Hallow's Eve

Just a thought!

  Hallow's Eve

On Hallow's Eve, the undead grieve,
They seek a new resting place
A fresh living body, a joining of souls,
To revive their fall from grace
Walking the Earth, just a few darkened hours,
They hide behind trappings and mask
Barely sustaining in the spirit world,
Little time to accomplish their task
They prey on the weak, the sick and the old,
Halloween farce helps them blindside their pick
Beware, this could be death at your door,
Taking treats might be just a trick.

  by Barry Anderson                                       

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Hallow's Eve"           .....Trick or Treat'

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darkpool's picture

Bwahaha! Makes me want to go

Bwahaha! Makes me want to go trick or treating this fall. I might be a bit too old, tho.