911 The Remembering

Just a thought!

A million souls were mulling round, was morning in a New York Town

An Act of terror came around, September brought the Towers down.

We lost some of our hero brave, along with ones they couldn't save,

Deafened by the silent cries, in empty space of blackened skies...

A reverent place now lined in trees, facilatating memories,

Surounded by a Granite Ore, Their names are etched forever more.

Rolling waters catch our eye as Lazer Towers pierce the sky.

This timeless capsule will be spent, remembering the innocent.

We weep for those with endless grief, thinking back in disbelief...

Nine eleven, what a mess.....To those that perished...God Bless.

by Barry Anderson

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"911  The Remembering"

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KindredSpirit's picture

So long ago

But not.

Love your poem.

You are an Artist !

U just don't believe it

At times.