Girls are so fickle

Just a thought!

" Girls are so fickle"

I like the girls that walk on bye, there heads held hi up in the sky
They walk right past and don't look back, as if their head was on a track
They poke there chest up in the air, then they tell us we're not suppose to stare

They wear hi heels cause it makes them stout, but it's really cause there butt sticks out

Don't look now, they're headed this way, summer dresses on a windy day
I covered my eyes like a gentleman does, but my hand slipped off and I saw fuzz
I said help me Lord,  in my moment of need, the wind kicked up and I saw tweed...
Forgive me Lord, but I looked back, I like the sun on a really nice rack.

I'd marry that one, that's for sure, if her skinny legs wern't covered in fur
I'd take the one from Mary Kay, but I think she wore the whole display
Maybe that one showin her thong, but she got up close and that's just wrong
Look, she's got amazing eyes, but she walked bye with sandpaper thighs    (Repeat) 1st and second verse


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Girls are so fickle"                    "Humor in song form"

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schmuckjones's picture

That was really great!

And really funny too.  Laughing

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Can I sing it in a

Scottish Brogue

While I am drinkin' at the bar ?


Good to see you back

Wriiten' em like you do