Narcissistic Mirror

Just a thought!

I look in the mirror and I ask myself

Could I look any better if I came off a shelf?

My makeup looks good and accents my eyes

The concealer is working to hide a few lies

My high, cheek bones are followed by blush

They look very rosey, vibrant and lush

My lips are set for an Angel's kiss

They won't waste time avoiding this

The dress falls quite nicely, with pleated swerves

Following a body line of sensual curves

It's cut pretty low, revealing my back

To place a warm hand, for a line of attack'

Moving up past the hips, my perfect breasts lie

My bountiful portions, won't fall far from their eye

My mirror on the wall, cannot tell a lie....

I can't make improvements, so... why even try?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Narcissistic Mirror"

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bishu's picture

Oh yes !!!1 Got the spirit of your poem....

Take care Dearest Deep .... But if ladies weren't a little made up with make up etc. men wouldn't be attracted to them.... Not all ladies are hourglasses not all men are He-men.. but wo-men will be wo-men without them men wouldn't be Men LOL :: Best wishes.. Lovely writes ~~ BM~