Forgotten Words

Just a thought!

My only thoughts were callous and cold

They come with time, being senile and old

Dementia sets in, so we forget about tact

Avoiding discretion, we blurt out the facts

Our truths are hard and directly pointed

They come off as harsh and a little disjointed

Nice words take to long to mix in the set

Looking for those, we tend to forget

Explaining my words, get old, I find

Makes me feel like I'm losing my mind

I got this idea from some song that was playing...

Now, I've forgotten, what the hell I was saying'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Forgotten Words"

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soulstonic's picture

I enjoyed this

I enjoyed this immensely!

Great rhythm. But I wonder...what's my excuse for forgetting things? o.0

KindredSpirit's picture


The compilations of compiled words

Are what they are.

And you being you can guess better than most

Where Im going with this compilation

Lets just say.

Id rather read yours than most others