Night of the Raven

Just a thought!

Darkened skies on a moon lit night

I watched a Raven, transform in flight

Winged in darkness, shadowed light

Beastly fanged, a dreary sight

Blackened eyes, veined in red

Screeching shrills, to raise the dead

Cursed to suck on life to feed

Leaving Satan's demon seed

Once bitten, all children, marked at birth

A wretched disease, now walks the Earth

Feasting on human souls to breed

They come at night to watch them bleed

Draining them to the verge of death

Their soul now turned with every breath

The burning sunlight spoils their view

They sleep to avoid any daylight hue

Prepare your cross, for what is due...

When darkness falls, they'll come for you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Night of the Raven"

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Some witch-hunt references in

Some witch-hunt references in here, of course I'd catch them :p  Well written as always and clever rhyme scheme!