"Sugar Maple"

Just a thought!

Last night I tapped a Sugar Maple,starting very slow,

I hit that little Vee incision, till the juice began to flow.

Starting at the trunk, I stuck some Birch bark in the hole,

I probed around and worked it in, till the sap began to roll.

Virgin limbs have always been the sweetest in the fall,

I'll tap it two or three more times, before it snows, to get it all.

She'll shed those summer seeds, as her buds get bigger in the Spring...

Tapping, "Sugar Maples", is how we do our thing'

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"Sugar Maple"

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It runs in the family

Like true that 

Is what I said

Readjustments to the Post

And Vermont has been added

But nevermind it don't matter

Cuz we tap em in the Midwest