Day of the Pharaoh

Just a thought!

Day of the Egyptian Pharaoh,

Where his ruling was fair...

The only rule for his women...

Look Hot.. Make Breakfast..

And keep the kids outta my hair!

His discipline was quite effective,

So they oblidged him with smiles...

If they gave him lip, or got old...

They were sent to work burn piles.

"Preventative maintenance!!!"

He would yell from his seat...Yell

"Now bring me some food,

And let's eat!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Day of the Pharaoh"                               "Morning Humor"Tongue Out          "I should never write when I'm hungry"...

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Thanx Bear

I missed this before

Some nice scenery

 And I am glad you changed that PIC

 Posey's just aren't you