"Morning Lilac"

Just a thought!

Awakened this morning by the lovely fragrance

Of Lilacs teasing my sences...

The sweet purfume of a delicate flower 

Pressed up against my nose, enticing me to

Engulf myself in a deep wiff of her intoxicating scent.

Emerced in mouthfuls of sweetness, I was consumed...

A view of her bountiful portions sitting just atop my

Window sill, swaying in the breeze, as the sunlight

Glistened on her delicate, moist petals.

"Never so lovely, was a pretty flower,

                                             In morning bloom"





Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Morning Lilac"

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bishu's picture

fragrant and sweet my good friend Mr Deep

Lovely words & picture [the squirrel looks wonderful !! ] ~Your shallow wordfriend  ~