"One in Every Crowd"

Just a thought!

There's one in every crowd, proclaims to be God's gift,

When their only goal in life is to create an evil rift.

You take account their mental state, tring hard to tell them nice,

But some don't seem to comprehend, when their brains are made of rice.

They text you over and over, saying how nice they are...

You give them a hint, even blunt with a dent, to take the next train car.

They leave you book length messages on how their shit don't stink,

It boggles the mind, the laughable thoughts, an empty head can think.

I quit reading unwanted comments, I hit delete and think, "that's rich,"

I realized, all they wanted to be was a no account, passive agressive,

pain in the ass, gotta have the last word, B  ! *  @  # !

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"One in Every Crowd"            ......."my poetic humor for the day"Tongue Out

Carcass's picture

I think these thoughts every day

It's like a plague of narcissists in America.  I've noticed it too and sometimes write about it myself.  I like your word choices especially with the first two lines.