The World is Changing'

Just a thought!

Days like today, tyrrany rules, crime runs rampant,

The world's upside down...Gays are going straight,

Jack's milking Bo peep's sheep, Robin Hood's 

Raping the country side with the Seven Dwarfs, and

Snow White is banging all the Merry Men for Magic Beans... 

                                                                   "When will it all end?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The World is Changing"             More late nite humor'Tongue Out

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It's nice to read your posts and comments on others posts

Mr Deep.. I like the simple words with which you speak your thoughts..... At least you still havae some corner for fairy tales.... 

[To be read lightly and laughed at]


Changing World


Friar Tuck was he a friar ?

He was good at fighting

with a long sturdy staff

We need such people now

Not any timid old cow

Who fall seriously sick

After their marriage vow

Deep deep deep is the ocean

Drowned in daytime dreams

Modern Friar Tucks see horror films

And after two a.m. scarily screams

They are just enjoying Deep's dreams